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I'll Kill You Dead

As Opposed to Alive

There once was a girl.
She lived at the beach
And although she was satisfied,
A want still eluded her reach.
So she made this livejournal
To fulfill that desire
of explaining her life
to all those outside her.

Now, it's up to you to decide
whether this girl is telling the truth;
whether she is perfectly honest,
or just plain uncouth.

As a(n) amateur writer, procrastinator, aspiring engineer, sporadic artist, video games fanatic, animanga fan, obsessive basketball maniac, grammar freak, and musician extraordinaire, it is my goal to become a true Renaissance Woman, even if I am a few centuries too late. And as such, in my grand quest to discover all walks of life, I have made this my official archives in which I will document all of my wonderful (mis)adventures in the most bamboozling paradox of all time: life.

Hello. My name is Tiki. I do lots of things, most of which you probably do yourself, and I'd like to do more. Go go overachiever.

If you still don't understand what I'm trying to get across, reread the poem several times. It'll come to you; never fear.

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